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PS3 Set-up

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PS3 Set-up

Hi all,
I'm looking for some tips on getting my PS3 set up in best way for online gaming, mostly Black OPs (until MW3  Smiley )
Currently, it's hard-wired into the router, and this is the wireless speedtest from my PC in a different room...

I'm pretty sure that I have UPnP on (does it matter if hard wired?). What else can I do? I've read about DMZ and port forwarding but not really sure where to start with that. My line is still in its first 10 days, so I'm guessing I shouldn't do anything just yet anyway. What is interleaving? What difference would that make, if any?
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: PS3 Set-up

Hi there,
It looks like gaming is generally better with UPnP off rather than on, and a wired connection is usually much much better than wireless for gaming.
Ideally the PS3 would be in a DMZ but unfortunately it's not the easiest thing to do on the Thomson routers - I believe it has to be done via the command line rather than through the web interface. With the console in a DMZ though you don't need to worry about forwarding any ports.
Interleaving is basically error correction, so if the line is long or error prone it helps with the connection in those cases. It does however increase ping times when it's on, which is why gamers usually turn it off if possible to do so.
Hope that helps explain,