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Online Gaming Issues

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Online Gaming Issues

Hi All,

For the past month now, I have started to suffer sudden disconnects, happening rather frequently (maybe once an hour) when I have been gaming online, in particular, on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. This has happened on both online and offline game modes. It is not disconnecting me from the PlayStation Network, nor is it disconnecting any other devices connected to the router. I believe the router is a Hub One model. I have had a lot of in-depth discussions with the team at Electronic Arts seeing if it was EA server related, and having moved to a wired connection, setting up port forwarding with the relevant ports, and all other fixes they suggested I have still had no luck, which leads me to believe it is down to the router. Does anyone have any idea what may be going on/any fixes I should attempt that I havent already? (If I've missed out any important information let me know and I'll add it)



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Re: Online Gaming Issues

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Re: Online Gaming Issues

Hi @RoadhogJ, thanks for your post and thanks @dvorak for bringing the post to our attention,


We're sincerely sorry for the delayed response.


We've run testing on the line and aren't detecting any sort of issue with the line, with a couple of drops in connection but nothing like every day as you're seeing your side.


As we're not detecting an issue, there are a few basic bits of troubleshooting we can try as a first port of call. The first one is going to be to factory reset the router by holding the end of a paperclip or cocktail stick into the small reset hole on the back of the router for around 20 seconds.You'll notice the light begin to intermittently flash as it resets and it should auto-configure itself again within about 15 minutes.


Please let us know how you get on.