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[OT] - BT Infinity Problems with Ubisoft/UPlay

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Re: [OT] - BT Infinity Problems with Ubisoft/UPlay

When it's probably down to the peering they use , Ubisoft as a major games publisher suck , they abandon their games soon after release,their servers are frequently not accessible  this is often several times in any 24hrs period, the sever will go offline players are disconnected from the host ,and no one can log in to their pos authentication server  for sometimes a few mins  or sometimes it can be 30mins or more , this isn't something new  it's been on going for over the past 5 yrs  they know only too well about it, but have done what they always do NOTHING!!! I don't know how many other games are affected like this, as i only own 2 ubisoft games, and won't buy another from those shysters on principle, they as far as im aware only have one server farm based in Canada (Montreal) and they wonder why connectivity is poor , any proper company would of had several servers or they would of designed  the connectivity  in games in a similar way to games like cod  (a browser window ) and direct connectivity to the host  be that a player or a rented games server

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Re: [OT] - BT Infinity Problems with Ubisoft/UPlay

It's interesting now as the "Chief Network Architect at BT" has got involved publicly posting on the TBB and UBI forums. It seems like they still don't know why the problem has occurred, although some changes seem to have fixed it for now.