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New to wireless gaming needs help!

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New to wireless gaming needs help!

Hi i've just signed up with Plusnet and this the first time I've ever used a wireless router and i'm an avid gamer.  My new ISP and  connection seemed fine with my old cable modem but now my new D-LINK wireless router has arrived i'm a bit dissapointed Sad
My pings prior to going wireless were 20-30 and now it's 30-40 which is still fine but every now and again I'm experiencing a tiny lag spike when the action kicks in and it's getting me killed! Again my pings are fine - never going above 50 so does anybody have any experiance with this/know whats causing it?
I'm on BBYW option 2 using Windows XP with the D-Link wireless G router and an Edimax PCI Adapter playing Call of Duty 4, Day of Defeat, CS Source and Team Fortress 2 etc
Please Help!
Ryles  Cheesy
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Re: New to wireless gaming needs help!

Good  choice on ISP.  Plusnet ROCK!!!!!
my son plays c.o.d.4 on his x box but it is connected by ethernet cable to a netgear router. Some of his friends have wireless connections and seem to have all sorts of problems with lag and speed issues. Maybe you need to go back to a wired connection to your new router and this might solve your problem.
Good luck
Craig p
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Re: New to wireless gaming needs help!

Hi Ryles,
You have something on your line called interleaving.  This isn't a bad thing - Interleaving improves the level of stability on your line, but does cause ping times to increase a bit.  I can get this removed for you within a working day for you to test to see if you notice an improvement in your latency.  However, if it does cause your connection to become a bit unstable, I can put it back on again, within a working day.
I've looked at your line and it looks like it should be okay for interleaving to be  removed, so I'm certainly more than happy to give that a try for you.
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Re: New to wireless gaming needs help!

Hi Jameseh, I purchased a better Belkin wireless adapter for my PC and that seems to have helped but I am still unable to play COD4 using it can you please try turning interleaving off and I'll let you know if it improves...
Many Thanks
Ryles  Crazy
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Re: New to wireless gaming needs help!

You probably need to adjust your Game Configuration slightly to suite the Network on some of these games...
Interleaving might make a difference...
but I've found alot of game have inadequate settings out-of -the-box. (Some dissagree with me on this one)
I'd write a small configuration to just execute and then you can manually tinker with the settings once you know what to look for.

CoD:4 - Creating the Configuration

//Network Settings
set maxpackets 60 // perhapse 80/100
set cl_packetdup 1 // how many duplicate packets are sent - can be 0 but not advised!
set rate 25000 // most will alow 25000 maybe 30000
set snaps 30 //20 is default, 30 is optional
// Graphics
set com_maxfps 100 //60/75/84/90/100/125

Yes, Graphics Settings play a part in the Calculation of your Ping, but it depends what chomps your Frame Rate,
usually too much to render: aka lots of gun fire/action/full server.
I found that my NVidia Drivers insisted upon Multi-Dispaly Optimisation ... when I never even had a second display attached! ever!  Undecided
( It made an increase of 30 FPS! and with a slight Over Clock I got my Frame Rate pretty good now xD fairly stable at 100 )
[ See UpSet Chaps - Connection Guides Hit on the Quake 3 Link most of that applies here ]
In general, this will increase the number of player "update" packets sent to the server meaning a quicker response on all of your actions.
Also the "world snapshots" recieved means less time between frames => better screen update, better chance of seeing + hitting the enemy.
Using the Lagometer & Showing your Frame Rate
The guide will tell you about the "lagometer" this is the most powerful tool,
once you cap your frame rate, to a suitable level out of these values:

set com_maxfps 60/75/84/90/100/125

Make sure you set this in your Config and you knwo your Average attained frame rate,
just by checking it whilst playing you can cap it to one of those values and see how it goes.
* Open & Close the Console using [`] Next to 1 *
The Frame Rate & Lagometer tools are @:

\cg_drawlagometer 1
\cg_drawFPS 1

Turn them off by setting them to 0 again Wink
But the main things you'll look for are:

  • The Green Line at the Bottom should be Bright Green - not Dark Green that's bad - and it should be small as possible in height.
  • The Bule Waving line showing correct reception of World Updates form the Server - so logn as it isn't showing Yellow periodically you're fine because you'll notice Frame Lag at those points.

Applying the Settings - By Default
1. Save it into your Call of Duty's `Main` folder
C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\main\autoexec.cfg
2. Right Click on your  CoD:4 (MP) Icon,
Click "Properties" and then on the Shortcut Tab.
Click onto the Target box, and put at the end of the Quote marks:
"C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\iw3mp.exe" +exec autoexec.cfg
Click Apply.
3. Double Click the Icon for Hyper-Poonage Bullet Response Wink
A few Notes
You can them tweak settings more closely just by editing the config file and staring the Game without having to worry about entering them in each time.
Using `set` doesn't prevent the default settings being over written,
this means you can hit the "Optimal Settings" Button on the Menu if you find my advice proves to be totally different to what whould be happening.

As for the HL based stuff I've never played a game long enough to be fussed with HL based games,
I would take the UpsetChaps Guides' advice on the HL Section - most applies to the new Source Engine (I think).
( Short of just dumping Wireless and going back to Wires, you can't get any better than Tweaking settings to reduce effects )
You'll definitly have to play around to see what gives the best overall results on the games,
Hope that helps!
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Re: New to wireless gaming needs help!

to be honest for game playing, always use an Ethernet cable to your router, wireless is never going to give you the same performance, even a 108Mbps rated wireless connection is only 54Mbps each way, and an Ethernet cable will usually give 100Mb all the time, with most devices having 100 or 1000Mb NIC connections.
if you can, try an Ethernet cable connection to your system, and make sure the router has the latest firmware -- check the model against the Dlink website, and when you login to the router, it will tell you what firmware version it is currently using.
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Re: New to wireless gaming needs help!

Wifi is half-duplex so you will do well to get 19Mbps peak
Ethernet will run as full-duplex at a nominal 100Mbps - perhaps an effective 80+ Mbps peak

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