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New to Gaming

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New to Gaming

Well I've finally bit the gaming bullet and bought myself a PC to play on. I'm starting with Sid Meier's Civilization and so far I'm enjoying it. When I say so far, that far is very limited and I actually mean I'm doing the tutorial, but we've got to start somewhere.

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Re: New to Gaming

Ah nice! A couple of my friends play Civilisation a lot. 

I tried to get into it but between struggling to keep my population happy and barbarians pillaging my land, I failed very quickly then moved on to other games. Cheesy

Good luck, I’m sure you can easily do better than me.

I’m currently playing Space Marine which I highly recommend though a different type of game to Civ. 

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Re: New to Gaming

I gave up computer games in the early eighties having spent over 2 years lost in the Colossal Caves…..

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Re: New to Gaming

I love Civilization, how's it going so far?

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