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New fibre broadband....slow PS4!

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New fibre broadband....slow PS4!

Hi, I'm completely new to Plusnet & fibre broadband, and have just got up and running today.  My son's Xbox One is running fine.  However, my other son's PS4 is a nightmare - the download speed is so majorly slow that it's currently unusable.  I'm going to try rebooting the router to see if it gives it some oomph. I was rather hoping that some kind soul here could point me in the right direction to sort out the problem.  I've just spent ages on the Play Station community forum looking for possible solutions - power network adaptors, changing wifi signals/broadcast channels/etc... 

Therefore, I thought I'd try the PlusNet community to see if you have any words of wisdom Wink or refer me to any previous posts about this topic.

Please be kind...I'm new to all this!

Thank you so much!






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Re: New fibre broadband....slow PS4!

the best way to connect the console to the router is via an ethernet cable without powerline adapters, that removes a lot of the problems of flaky signal that causes transmission loss (slow downs) once you have that done if the problem persist then its time to start looking at network traffic and router setup

and then depending on what router your using there could be other things to do, although I suspect that one of hte PlusNet team would be able to look into that and give better advice than I can 




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Re: New fibre broadband....slow PS4!

Hi there.

First of all welcome to our community forums, and I'm sorry for the very delayed response.

I've tested your line today and we're not finding any issues with your router in sync at 40mbps, no drops in your connection over the past 38 days or any signs of congestion at the exchange.

If you're still having issues, would you be able to try a direct ethernet connection as opposed to power-lines or WiFi? 

Let us know how things go.

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