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Modern Warfare 3 - Strict NAT

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Registered: ‎20-11-2011

Re: Modern Warfare 3 - Strict NAT

Hi, my nat suddenly changed from open to strict on mw3 ps3 for no reason. have tried everything , been in touch with plusnet and tried the telnet thing but didnt work. tried port forwarding and still did not work. the only thing that worked was to load mw2 and then change discs to mw3 reload and the nat would be open but it was a pain doing that everytime.
I then followed the steps in the following link and put my pc/laptop in static ip and also ps3 in static ip then done the port forwarding thing again.i reset the router before i done all this.once i checked after doing all this the nat was still strict but once i rebooted everything and tried it mw3  has been in open nat type ever since.hope it works for you. i was jst about thinking about buying new router but luckily it worked for me. 
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Re: Modern Warfare 3 - Strict NAT

Can you do it for me remotely please? As I am also having these NAT problems on my PS3?