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Modern Warfare 2 connection issues 360

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Modern Warfare 2 connection issues 360

so basically when I play on my own my connection is fine however when I go to play with a couple of my mates I either get disconnected from the party or if I manage to get in the game I have major lagg,As far as im aware my mate is on orange.
My NAT is set at open so I don't know what else it could be.
Any help would be much appreciated,thanks  Smiley
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Re: Modern Warfare 2 connection issues 360

Hi, within your router settings have you assigned your Xbox 360 to Xbox Live.
You can find out if you switch on your Xbox and find your MAC address.
In the Xbox Dashboard, go to My Xbox and open System Settings.
Select Network Settings, Configure Network.
On the Additional Settings tab, select Advanced Settings, then select Alternate MAC Address.
If you're connected to your network with an Ethernet cable, write down the 12 letters and numbers under Wired MAC Address.
If your using the Wireless Plusnet Router - TG585 v7
Then using your PC go to your Plusnet Router IP enter username as admin and your password will be your routers Serial Number, found under your router.
Click Toolbox > Game & Application Sharing and at the bottom click > Assign a game or application to a local network device.
Select Xbox Live from the Game or Application drop down, then from the Device drop down select the MAC of your Xbox 360 and click Add.
Turn your Xbox off and restart and give that a shot.  Apologies if your tried this already. If this doesn't help I will help you get your Xbox outside your DMZ.