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Lagging on online games when certain players are with you?

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Lagging on online games when certain players are with you?

I'm a fibre customer and recently purchased a TP-Link Archer VR200 router as an upgrade to the existing Technicolour router. This was mainly because the wifi speeds in the bedroom were terrible, but also I'd been having regular lag issues at 10pm-12pm in the evenings. I thought two birds, one stone. Anyway with the new router wifi speeds around the house increased massively and my gf can watch Netflix whilst I play on the PS4. However lag problems have since returned and it's really frustrating.

Everytime I play an online game with two or three specific friends of mine, I start lagging. It's really bizarre and am posting this in the hope someone here can suggest possible reasons why.

For example playing Rocket League last night, got an invite to a 3s match and the lag was constant. It was "rubber-banding" like the ball was zigzagging across the stadium, unplayable. I dropped out and did a router reset, tried again. Same. Then I left their party and played three randoms 3v3s games and all were silky smooth again. Rejoined their party (even asked the other guy to "host") and played two more games, both were unbearably laggy again. Bizarrely the ping number on the scoreboard didn't show any issues (it stayed a constant 25-30).

After this jumped on FIFA and a couple of friends asked to play clubs. We played four games and all was silky smooth. Then another guy jumped in (friend of a friend). For the next three games it started doing the exact same as in RL - very stop-starty, massive packet loss, my player zig-zagging across the park, like someone was pressing pause and unpause every 2 seconds. I gave up and jumped into two drop-in clubs matches and both were silky smooth again.
I'm at my wits end with this now - does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?

I currently have my PS4 in a static IP, with relevant PS4/FIFA/RL ports forwarded, and with upnp on. According to the connection test I am on Type 2 (which means NAT open I believe). I should also add that I play wirelessly as the router is in the kitchen and I play upstairs.

Many thanks for any help.

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Re: Lagging on online games when certain players are with you?

Hmm ...  are your friends from Europe ? if not then this can sometimes make u laggy if you join the high ping american servers they may be joining.

If you wanna try the game with me to try rule things out then send me a message on here and ill give u my steam name. I often play rocket league with friends from all around the eu and never have any issues unless one of them join a server in america or outside eu and then pings are huge.