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Lag spikes every 5 minutes for no reason.

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Lag spikes every 5 minutes for no reason.

I'm not new to plusnet and never had a problem in the past, but lately when playing ANY game I experience lag spikes every 5 minutes or so lasting a few minutes, sometimes it even disconnects completely. I've done everything I can possibly think of to resolve it, which included changing all the cables, a brand new router, speed tests (says there is no problem but I know they don't really record lag spikes)
When I call PlusNet they say there is no problem with the lines and I should be recieving a good speed, an engineer is coming out tomorrow but I really have no idea what he can do that I haven't already done, as i'm more handy with computers than the average person, i've tried port forwarding for each game and nothing has seemed to help.
The problem is it's not 24/7, it's MOST the day, but not all, but knowing my luck, it'll be perfect when the engineer is here.
Oh and I am moving to fibre optic in a few days, wondering if that will solve the lag spikes? I am doubting this though as I receive the lowest possible ping when it's not playing up, but when it plays up I get up to 50,000 ping (and obviously disconnect.)
Any ideas of what it could possibly be?
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Re: Lag spikes every 5 minutes for no reason.

Might be worth setting up a if you have a static IP to help with working out what's doing on?
Kelly Dorset
Ex-Broadband Service Manager