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Keeping my troubleshoot brief as Y fronts

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Registered: ‎28-11-2017

Keeping my troubleshoot brief as Y fronts

-Plays online games with naff old plusnet router for years (PS4)

-Goes away on holiday

-Returns not able to play online (NAT TYPE FAILED)

-Figured it was probably PS4 firmware - Couldnt fix -

-Buys Xbox1

-Same problem (TEREDO IP PROBLEM)


-Read Read Read Read Read

-Tried port forward

-Static public IP

-New Plusnet router

-All things through PS and XB troubleshoot

-No cigar

-Im at the point where i am looking at teredo state/some other tunnel stuff through admin command prompt but im complete novice

-surely its got nothing to do with connection between console and internet?


Plusnet tech support just keep saying its a port forward issue 


-Should i just switch ISP. I honestly thought that a new router would be the answer



Thank You in advance for any response 


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Re: Keeping my troubleshoot brief as Y fronts

It seems port forwarding isn't officially supported, probably because PN support do not have the manpower to help everyone get this set up but that is a guess!


They have, however, posted some advice on port forwarding. Here is the link:-


Good luck with that!!