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Is Vista able to play games needing ms-dos??

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Is Vista able to play games needing ms-dos??

I know I probably sound a bit loopy with all the 'new high spec games out there', but I have an old game that i was wondering if I could use on Vista!
I bought a second hand Thomas the Tank Engine Print Studio from Ebay for my thomas the tank engine crazy nephew before I understood about operating systems etc.  I didn't realise that the game being a windows 95 game and the way it works it, wasn't something that was compatible with the Windows XP I was using at the time because XP didn't run from ms-dos like 95/98(that is still alien to me, but hope someone understands me).  Now I have changed to Vista, I am a bit more knowledgeable but not on whether Vista runs from ms-dos. i always thought that the older games could use the compatability settings but apparently not the Thomas the Tank Engine Print Studio.
Can anyone understand me? I do have a copy of the report a PC Engineer gave me when he had a look at the game for me, but hopefully I make sense as I have explained it. Crazy
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Is Vista able to play games needing ms-dos??

Take a look at
Dosbox is a DOS emulator, and works fine on both Vista 32bit and 64bit.
It might seem a bit intimidating at first, unless you're well versed in DOS I guess... it took me a bit of learning. Try it and post back here if you have any troubles, I use this a fair bit myself for old games so can try and advise if you run into anything.