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Home Hub 3 with Playstation 3

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Registered: 22-12-2014

Home Hub 3 with Playstation 3

I have a PS3 connected through the wifi on a HH3 with PN fibre. It's connected to the internet fine and all is okay, but when I run a connection test it never shows the download or upload speed?Huh
Is there a setting I need to change on either the PS3 or HH3. As I have stated the connection works fie with on line gaming, and I have had no issues with disconnections.
Many Thanks.
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Re: Home Hub 3 with Playstation 3

Very odd... I can remember reading about this a few years ago. I know that if the speed test cannot get a consistent speed from the PSN servers (i.e. poor WiFi signal causing erratic speeds) it will fail the speed test.


Could be worth trying again via Ethernet which will rule this out.