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Heroes and generals

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Heroes and generals

Just started playing a (new to me) FPS as mentioned in the title, it is free on steam. Set in WW2 it is a lot slower and has more atmosphere than BF4. The downside is like most games now, you can buy stuff like weapons and tanks for real money (something I have never and will never do). I am enjoying it though ranking up and earning my weapons the free way, takes a bit longer but I find it more rewarding.
The game plays and looks great, running around with a M1 Garand or M3A1 Grease gun. You can upgrade your sights, trigger, barrel etc. when you have earned enough credit / money to unlock them in game, or as mentioned previously, you can get your credit card out and spoil the fun buy buying them straight away. I have just ranked up and unlocked the jeep, whereas my mate has just put his hand in his pocket and bought a tank (shakes head).
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Re: Heroes and generals

looks like fun may try it Smiley
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