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Halo 5 connection issues

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Halo 5 connection issues

For 3 days now I havent been able to play this game properly. My internet connection has not dropped and I have an open NAT in the console itself.
I can play 40% of games alone. 0% of games with friends.
The error thrown is local connection disconnected but the xbox party and xbox home does not disconnect.
The ping shows as 160ms in the xbox networking diagnostics.
I use a tp link homeplug to wire my connection upstairs. I have tried wired and wireless via the homeplug. Internet still always works fine from the PC and Phone.
I have posted the same message to the game devlopers boards and tweeted xbox support. Any help / info solving the issue would be much appreciated.
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Re: Halo 5 connection issues

the flooding of Hugh chunks of the country will be having some negative effects on internet services, particularly now more places are without power and more places are flooded, things should get back to normal in a few weeks, it might be worthwhile forceign a gateway jump on your router to reset your routing tables to eliminate any of the no longer running nodes between you and the isp servers /
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