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Gaming PC build help please.

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Re: Gaming PC build help please.


I have an i7 running off a SSD, with 32GB DDR4 Memory. Windows 10 Pro 64bit build PC.

Best thing about it is that it does 4K Output and is totally silent. It has no moving parts, fans ect. Totally silent and yet I can play pretty much everything granted on medium settings, that I throw at it.

And I throw a lot at it.


Yeah, I know. 1000 games out of my 1500 games on Steam are more than happy to run on the iGPU of the i7. IT's only the later games that I have to turn the res down from 4K to HD to play.


If I was you I'd be going for the latest i7 K model. The fastest SSD and Memory you can afford. The motherboard is where you need PCI lanes for gaming. My favourite PCI card at the moment isn't the monster Titan Black Ti, but the humble and yet again silent Palit GeForce GTX 1050 Ti KalmX Fanless 4GB GDDR5, NE5105T018G1-1070H


Hope this helps.

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Re: Gaming PC build help please.

Check FrostyTech when looking at HSF's, I've found them to be about the best for reviews in this area.

Win 10 64Bit ~ Intel i7-7700k ~ Gigabyte Z270-GAMING-K3 ~ 64gb Avexir Core DDR4 2400MHz ~ Palit Gamerock Premium NVIDIA GTX 1070