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Free games on bandwidth rip off

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Free games on bandwidth rip off

I've used that site for years for patches and the odd demo and saw the list of free games.  Decided to get Farcry and see what it looks like on my current pc as I no longer have/lost my DVD.
Finally download the 2.7gig installation after they finally made it resumeable to find its Only for US of A residents.  So don't download it thats a hefty bite in your monthly download cap.
Now to find a email contact for ubi soft for an ear full.
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Re: Free games on bandwidth rip off

It's the same thing on File Planet. I downloaded free versions of Prince of Persia (Sands of Time), and Rayman Raving Rabbits and then found that both of those were also US only.
Mind you, having gone back to File Planet, it does actually say this in the additional details. Guess that was my fault for not reading everything.