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For anyone playing EvE-Online (and Plusnet staff)

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For anyone playing EvE-Online (and Plusnet staff)

Just a heads up for staff and anyone playing Eve-Online, this is a copy and paste of a forum post from CCP staff about problems connecting the Eve client to the server over some networks using ‘traffic shaping’.
Please note that it ‘should’ clear itself on Monday when the update is pushed out to the traffic shaping hardware.
Quote from CCP;
A number of players have been experiencing socket closed errors since EVE Online: Incursion 1.0.0. Our investigations have led to the discovery of at least one vendor of traffic shapers flagging EVE Online network traffic as a “BitTorrent encrypted transfer.” Many universities are blocking all such traffic, and we are still trying to establish if more vendors are flagging our network client erroneously. Please note that not all closed socket errors may be related to this particular problem, and we are continuously investigating closed socket issues and encourage you to continue reporting this issue whenever you encounter it by filing a petition.
Why did this occur? When we released Incursion 1.0.0, we made a change to the client/server handshake. For those unfamiliar with this term, it is essentially the client saying “hi, let’s establish a connection” and the server responding with “this is our current version information, number of logged in users, and other information of interest to you.” The client then responds with a positive message (i.e. if the version information is correct, you can log in immediately) or will contact the update servers if the client version you are using is out-of-date. This change, essentially increasing the number of fields from six to seven, resulted in a bit in our handshake packet to change from a "6" to a "7" which was enough to cause the signature for the EVE Online client in this particular vendor's whitelist to no longer match.
Note: This could be the cause of the closed socket errors many have been recently reporting; however, as noted above, we are still investigating this particular issue.
The vendor in question has modified their signature to remove the false positive and restore the Eve Online client to the whitelist. This particular vendor's signatures are normally updated on Mondays; however, they may issue the update earlier if it’s requested by affected users (i.e. network sysadmins at universities). The vendor has no mechanism to push an update sooner. The patches must be applied by the device administrators. We suggest that, if you are affected by this issue, you contact your network sysadmins and explain what is occurring and how they can resolve the issue with their vendor. You may wish to provide them with the following email address ( and they can discuss the matter in detail with our security team.
So far this has not affected me, regards P.
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Re: For anyone playing EvE-Online (and Plusnet staff)

Quickest fix is to take a wireshark capture and submit it
FTTP 500 regrade from Tues 28th November