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Fable III Review( XboX 360 )

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Fable III Review( XboX 360 )

From a gamers point of view...
Despite already being exposed to the realm of Albion, the third visit is just as vibrant and charming as we remember – once you’ve delved into it, you will find it extremely difficult to pull away from once you’ve opened up to its creditably irresistible aura. There is no dipping your toes in to test the waters; you either jump and completely submerse yourself, or you don’t.
Fable III begins five decades after the conclusion of Fable II. The industrial age has hit its stride in Albion, and with it, oppression, fear, and poverty. The tyrant behind this? Your brother, Logan. As the offspring of the “Hero of Bowerstone”, it is your job to become the hero Albion seeks, usurp Logan and take his place as king or queen of Albion. To do this, you will need to amass an army powerful enough to overthrow the king. Restoring Albion to its former glory is your goal. Will you be that hero? Will peace and tranquillity return?
What kind of hero will you be? As in Fable II, this is the central theme you will be presented with throughout your quest – will you save Albion from poverty, or succumb to greed? Which would you choose when two loved ones are staring death in the face? These problematic, and sometimes obscure scenarios are prime examples of the hardships you will face. This element was promised in Fable II, only to feel underwhelming at times, as you got the sense your decisions didn’t affect the world as much as you’d hoped. Though rest assured, this time your decisions will hang over your shoulder until the very end.

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