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Delay delay delay

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Registered: ‎17-04-2021

Delay delay delay

Hello I've been with plusnet for around 6 months without any problems.

However the last couple weeks gaming has been impossible to play.

No matter what game it is if there is such thing as a connection or server involved I may as well give up. Timing on everything is delayed movement of my own character movement of what I see other people doing and timing like shooting or nba shooting when you have to time a shot.

Every game I play I am delayed. My speeds aren't bad average around 63mb out of the 70mb and upload is around 15mb out of the 20.

I'm on PS5 I have a lg nanocell TV capable of 120hz refresh I've set up in game mode fully working on 120hz.

I'm using an old openreach hg612 modem and a netgear nighthawk 500 running dumaOS.

I have tried all possible solutions turning firewall on off using qos and disabling qos. Port forwarding no port forwarding I've even set a geo location on my playstation that limits what I connect to to always give me the closest servers.

I'm genuinely at a complete loss and may pay to get out of the contract at this point.

Can anyone tell me what my SNR MARGINS and what not should be at. I can access this through the hg612 to check my line.

Oh and yes I've tried using the standard plusnet router and it's the same outcome. And tried the master socket with the faceplate off

Thanks in advance