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DS Lite Games

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DS Lite Games

I've been trying to find a web site that allows you to download DS lite games for free but I can't find one that is still active.
Does anyone know of a valide site.
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Re: DS Lite Games

jim:post I am not at all sure whether there are any games which are Freeware for this unit - just pirated games. This thread is therefore locked. If this understanding is incorrect please send me a PM and I will discuss it with the other moderators. I remind you of Forum Rule which states mod:end
Illegal file sharing
P2P (or peer-to-peer) software is not illegal in itself, nor is sharing files over it. What is illegal is the sharing of copyrighted files - over P2P or not. Therefore, discussions about P2P software in general are allowed on these forums... However, discussions about or links to sites distributing copyright material are not allowed.