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Bad Lag and Latency problems

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Bad Lag and Latency problems

My partner plays Battlefield 4 and BFH, daughter plays most Steam games,yet of last 3 weeks he has been experiencing bad lag ,latency problems so has my daughter,he done a ping test/speedtest to a few of the servers they both play, and the graph is very irratic, tracert shows normal route and ping,he is very much into his gamimg 53yr old kid lol but he is getting bit fed up with it,US/UK servers all the same,he has an 8 core cpu 2x R7 360s 12gb ram 500gb SSDs[he just told me all this] and win 7 64 bit[hates 10].... everything reloaded and still same problem,so question anyone else experiencing this he wants to know
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Re: Bad Lag and Latency problems

Haven't noticed my self but maybe I don't play as much BF4 - probably around 10 hours over the last three weeks. I also only tend to play on UK servers.
Maybe post the addresses of the problem servers so others can test.
Have you tried re-booting your router, I don't use one now, but I had issues with the technicolor in the past where it would get into a state and cause lag. (I didn't need a full boot to fix, just dropping ppp and reconnecting would do).