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BFBC 2 Demo PS3

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Registered: ‎15-12-2008

BFBC 2 Demo PS3

I had a problem whilst playing LFD on the pc a while back, I would always get dropped from the server I was on and then not be able to rejoin because the server thought I was still on it ( have to wait a few minutes). This would only ever happen on the first time of joining. Never happened to anyone else. Now I have a similar problem I am playing the BFBC2 Demo Multiplayer & I am aware its a demo but I get a random loss to the server whilst playing and it can be quite a way into the game as well. So I lose all my stats! I have asked my brother and many of my friends online and nobody else is getting this problem. I think once its happened once it doesn't happen again well I havent fully tested that theory but lets say it hasn't happend twice in a row.
I just wondered if this is has occured for anyone else on Plusnet? I would be interested to know if im not alone. I am connected to PSN through an ethernet cable and on my pc the same.
Thanks for your time.
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Re: BFBC 2 Demo PS3

Had the same issue with 1943 - perhaps it was coincidental but the timing of each seems to coincide. Seems to be sorted now.
As a side, I'm not particularly liking the demo so far Shocked i am a veteran battlefielder but this game feels to slow, the controls are figety and the bloody repair tool overheats too quickly.
Is rush the only game mode or are they having conquest similar to previous games>