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BF1 50% off ... or is it ?

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BF1 50% off ... or is it ?

Take a look at my screenshot from my origin pc app >>




Now follow this link >>

Both should show battlefield 1 and 50% off if i order and add the code... right ?

So i tried to enter the code and it said it wont work with this purchase, i contact ea support via online chat and im basicly told that i cant buy the game with the discount because its not for that game. Altho its clearly advertised on the games ordering page.

So im told i cannot have the 50% off, so i ask for a complaints address so i can write to EA GAMES, im told the following in chat ........

( " support person " Unfortunately, we do not have specific email for complaints. I have searched and only forums are available site where you can file complaints.)

I then ask for EA GAMES head office address so i can write to them and im told the following, (  I am afraid there is no address given to us on where to file the complaint. We are the one who must file it, i can file what you have told me now. ) 

And i said no thanks can you please give me EA main address so i can write to them, im told this ( EA is located in Maitland, Florida (just north of downtown Orlando)

I asked for the main address and post code and then this is what came next, ( I am really sorry about this inconvenience. Would there be anything else I may assist you for today?

We do not have such informationm

I’m sorry but I have provided you with the available resolution for the issue, and am going to have to end this discussion if there is nothing else I can assist you with.

Since I have provided you the needed information for this issue and no other concern raised, I will end the chat now. It's nice chatting with you! Please do reach us for any assistance that you needed for your Origin games. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Very misleading!!!