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Adding x-box to 'network'?

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Adding x-box to 'network'?

Every time my lad starts an x-box live session, which believe me is quite often, I receive a ‘A Windows media center (sic) was found’ message on the pc . Clicking on the icon gives me the opportunity to ‘set it up’ on my network. I currently don’t have a network as such, just a pc with other stuff, his x-box, ipod’s etc, using the wifi. What is the effect of setting this up? Any benefits, threats etc?
Any advice will be appreciated

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Re: Adding x-box to 'network'?

If you have a router you have a network and you can synch the media player from your pc to xbox, This way you can stream movies/Music via xbox and watch on the ( Big Screen), Although I cant ever get it set up correctly so I gave up on mine, It is of no threat because if it was then it would not of been created if that makes sense.
The first step in adding an Xbox 360 to serve as a media extender is to select an appropriate home network to add it to. Some network types work better than others (wired vs. wireless).
Getting Started
An Xbox 360 can be used to access media located on your Windows Vista PC, and it will look and feel just the way it does when you’re sitting at your PC. When you access Media Center on an Xbox 360, you can access all the same media, including high-definition television.
In this article, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of selecting both wired and wireless networks for your media and media extender. If you’re concerned about whether or not your current home network is suitable, and this article does not address your concerns, check to see if it is certified for Windows Vista. For a list of certified Windows Vista home networking devices, visit Microsoft’s website.
Selecting a Wired Network
Accessing Media Center over a wired network from an Xbox 360 requires a high-performance wired network. Ordinary wired networks are great for browsing the Web or checking email, but in order to access Media Center from an Xbox 360 over a wired network connection, you’ll want to make sure that your network offers a speed of at least 100 mbps. A wired high-performance network is best for accessing Media Center from an Xbox 360. It provides minimal interference and maximum speed, and is more reliable than a wireless network.
Selecting a Wireless Network
If you are not able to run a wired connection to your Xbox 360, a wireless connection may be the next best option. It is important to keep in mind that not all wireless networks provide the best experience when used with an Xbox 360 for Media Center access. In fact, wireless networks may cause the most trouble. Other devices in homes such as cordless phones and microwave ovens can interfere with wireless signals and cause connections to become unreliable or data transfer speed to degrade. This is why wired connections are highly recommended. 802.11b wireless networks are not recommended for use with Media Center on an Xbox 360 due to the slow speed. 802.11a is highly recommended because it is faster than 802.11b and operates on a separate frequency from 802.11b and the other devices mentioned that may interfere. 802.11g is suitable, but may suffer from the same interference problems.
Next Steps
  1. Connect an Xbox 360 to your home network.
  2. Add an Xbox 360 Extender to Media Center.
  3. Access your Windows Media Player library from an Xbox 360 or another Windows Vista PC.

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