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2 xbox one s on new plusnet router set up

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2 xbox one s on new plusnet router set up



First post on this forum and looking for help please. 

I have just joined Plusnet from SKY and I am hoping I might not have a problem but think I might. On the plusnet unltd fibre package can I use 2 Xbox one s on the same router at the same time using wifi as I could not with SKY. If this is possible could some one please let me have a step by step guide on how to set the router up. I think I may need to forward ports or set up the router some how. Im no genius at computer work so as easy as can be on the instructions please. 

I have not got my router yet but it is due very soon and I am due to go live soon so I was trying to get ahead before I get stressed out trying to get it working. 


Thanks for any help. 

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Re: 2 xbox one s on new plusnet router set up

I had two Xbox one s consoles up until recently connected to a Plusnet Home Hub, it's pretty easy tbh just give both consoles a static ip and enable upnp job done. I now have a Xbox one S and a ps4 pro connected wi no issues. One wireless with ps4 connected via homeplugs 

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Re: 2 xbox one s on new plusnet router set up

Hello there, what Fuzzybee said is correct. If there are any issues definitely try setting the connections up manually and giving the devices IP addresses 192.168.1.XX. It may be worth while if you notice the xbox's aren't getting great connection to try them on a wired connection which I'd suggest to any gamer.

In terms of port forwarding, once connected if any games are displaying "strict" NAT or connection then it may be worth while heading to which has a huge range of guides applicable for most modern routers, consoles and games.

 Ben Devine
 Plusnet Help Team