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@you if you use the Freelancer server I Admin

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@you if you use the Freelancer server I Admin

I see from the logs there a a number of players on plusnet and I have had to remind some about the additional protection now in use on the server.

FLCD is a punkbuster type utility, needing an exe running on your pc that tells the server that your game is clean, if not you wont connect as the internal firewall blocks you until you ping out. Also you have to make sure your Router/Firewall replies to Pings From the Freelance Server IP or the internal firewall in FLCD will still block you.

FLCD Basic How to:

1. start FLCD, right click the icon in the sys tray next to the pc clock and use the switch server option. Make sure its set to []
2. start FreeLancer
3. join [] but sit for 1 minute in character selection screen.
4. alt tab to desktop and check the systray icon, it should now have a small green corner on the top right.
5. Then join the server

Note if you lag or the server is busy with a few people connecting at the same time, then your connection and FreeeLancer install hasn't been Verified so queued, then that is why it takes time to get the green addition in the systray

If you don’t do the above, then FLCD will let you join for 7 seconds and then block you causing you to disconnect from the server after about 30 seconds.

So use the links in my sig to view the FLCD site and forum.
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