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Tried it today for the first time in a couple of months and the forums are out of date and the servers are timing out.
I realise that this may have been covered elesewhere but it's a bit naff of Plusnet to recommend this essentially useless site (in my opinion).

have to agree with you there....

one of the main reasons I got broadband was for gaming, and the first place I looked for server info was - it didn't work well 12 months ago and it doesn't work now Sad
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Hi there,

I'll admit that the frag9 site leaves a lot to be desired. It is actually maintained (or not as the case may be) by some of our server admins from way back.

We are looking to update it at some point but this will mean a full re-design. Thanks for reminding me . . . I always forget about it Wink
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It's one thing for a ISP to say they will have a gaming section but it needs trusted independant admins. Cant expect CS to fix/patch/maintain gaming servers and do there full time job as well.

I'm using a rivals beta setup at the moment where they have a number of trusted admins with years of experience in various games. They plan on rivaling Jolt if they can, but guess they will start charging for the service by the end of the year. As online gaming is swinging that way so at the moment PN are providing gaming services for Free, probably wont stay that way.

So you get what you pay for.
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