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shaping is killing the fun


shaping is killing the fun

as 4 arrives...bye bye ping. by 7 o'clock its unbearable.

3 plus users on a london server in q3 and pings are averaging 170 to 200.

we are the lame duck of gaming.....especially when watching everyone else rock steady at 48.

sheesh. Evil

doesnt matter what game either....but in q3 and 4 thats a night mare.

have we become a server of pansy surfing and email? this wasnt plus at the beginning. it was about cutting edge and not falling off of it. Evil

though i must add that on one game i actually worped to thrid place at the annoyance of everyone else..... Cheesy Sad

2megabit is looking more like 2 megaload...... Tongue

shaping is killing the fun

Yup. I play Eve. A lot.

4pm approaches, a stable (for a MMORG) game falls apart suffering from sporadic disconnects.

Please sort out your (and our) gaming problems as a matter of urgency!

shaping is killing the fun

Hi there,

have a look at the BF2 thread in Community Support.

There are some links and info in that thread which might be of interest.