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re PN's UT2004 LMS #2

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re PN's UT2004 LMS #2

Unreal Tournament 2004 - Because of a bug on the master server the Last Man Standing server does not show up in the games server browser. To play this from within the game, press the @ key [this will bring up the console] and type open

NB typo there 8777 should be 7777

But other option is use All Seeing Eye which by passes the master server and the buggy UT2004 Favorite Server listing
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re PN's UT2004 LMS #2

Hi there,

Correction made, thanks. I personally use ASE but a lot of people still use the in-game browser so I thought i would put it in. The reason is that the master server os under too much load at the mo .. although they are apparently fixing it.