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ps2 - plusnet usb modem compatability???


ps2 - plusnet usb modem compatability???

Hi All Wink

Could someone please advise me whether i would be able to connect to ps2 online?? I'm currently connected to the 1mb service with plusnet via a usb modem.


ps2 - plusnet usb modem compatability???

You can.

You'll need a network card in your PC, connected that with a crossover cable to the Network card in the back of the PS2, then setup Internet Connection Sharing between the two (from the PC).

I would mention however when setting up with the Playstation setup disk, it has no mention of plusnets service, dont worry about this, or try to setup a manual connection, as using the BT Broadband setup works fine.

I connect fine with the above scenario.

ps2 - plusnet usb modem compatability???

Thanks g ,gonna buy the adapter today Smiley

ps2 - plusnet usb modem compatability???

No probs, drop another post here if you need any help.

You do get a network cable with the PS2 Adapter, but I'm unsure if its a crossover cable, I managed to "borrow" one from work as I needed a longer cable than one supplied anyway, just something to bare in mind as I think its designed primarily for use with a router than a modem.

ps2 - plusnet usb modem compatability???

There are a few quick ways to tell what type of cable you have.

First, hold one end of the cable in each hand. Hold the plugs in such a way, so the holding clip is facing down, and the wire in coming out of the plug towards your body.

The pings are now numbered 1 - 8, reading left to right (IE, the left most ping is 1, the right most is Cool.

Now read the colour coding from THIS Page for the order you should see the colours.

You should note mainly the third and forth columns (maybe the sixth, depending ont he cable core).

You should see the same order mirrored on both plugs. If so, you have a straight through/pathc cable, which is used with routers, switches and hubs.

Holding the cable same way as above, look at THIS part of the page, at the two colour charts.

On one plug, the pin numbers should match the colours noted, on the second it should match the senond colour table.

IE, the pins are not a mirror of each other.

If this is the case, then you have a cross-over cable.