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*problems connecting with Linksys WRT54GS and game adapter*


*problems connecting with Linksys WRT54GS and game adapter*

i've managed to get the setting for the wireless router and game adapter correct as far as i know because when i test the connection it connects to xbox live although i have not yet managed to play a single game online because it keeps cutting out on me. when trying to play halo 2 i'll get to the part where it searches for other players online to start a game and thats it, it just can't find anybody so i cancel out of that and try again and it just says connection failed.

I took the xbox downstairs so that it would be nearer to the PC but its still the same so it can't be the distance. its like it just keeps on timing out.

This is getting really annoying because i've only just managed to get past sorting out the DNS settings and another network error and now this, does it ever end.......... Seriously! Angry

I have my router connected to my PC not the modem and im sharing my PC internet connection. Would of connected it to the modem but my modem has no ethernet port, i wouldn't of thought this would make much difference though would it? because i am getting some kind of connection.

could i have a faulty adapter?

What makes this even more irritating is that when i managed to get online for about two minutes i setup my xbox live account and now i can't get back on so my 12 month license is ticking away

If anyones got any ideas or can help me in anyway, i would appreciate it so much!!!!

Please try and help me before i chuck the xbox attached to the damn router down the stairs...