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port 6112 and mcafee

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Registered: 25-09-2007

port 6112 and mcafee


i no alot of peepz hav got this problem, but i no alot of ppl who hav fixed it...
but wid me nooooooo its a diff. matta.

any way heres how it goes.. i play warcraft 3 the frozen throne and cant host games

im using mcafee antivirus uses ports 6112, so i confiugure this out in "utilities" and type in the rite numbers etc.

but it still wont work >.<

im not using router and am totally stumped!!

also wen in cutom games me andmy m8 cant actually see each other wen we msg "all ppl" currently playin in that game

however we can "whisper" 2 each other etc. :/

anyhelp / websites wher i can check etc.
ive tried but to no avial Cry

any helps!