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plusnet gaming servers


plusnet gaming servers

i am looking for a group of guys that want to play online games. on the plusnet gaming servers and other servers. this will mean joining up on a ventrillo server and talking to each other i tried to start a cod clan but its hard getting one of the ground. this way we are looking at 1 pound per month each to rent a ventrillo server once we are on ventrillo we can play any game we wish
the games i play are
call of duty
spearhead (mohaa)
and battlefield vietnam
looking forward to the new mohaa (pacific assault)

email me if you are interested in starting a online gameing comunity
my old clan site is
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plusnet gaming servers

Hi there,

I am always interested in getting the profile of our servers up, and although I don't have the time to get directly involved all of the time if you have any questions or problem and such then get in touch and I will see what I can do. If you get in touch with me I may be able to provide, for instance, a ventrillo server (providing it can be run under linux) or teamspeak.

PM or e-mail me about it some time.



hi all
have recieved an email of josh and i think between the two of us we can get a plusnet gaming comunity going
until then those of you who are interested in playing battlefield are welcome on my old ventrillo server.
its running 2.2
port 3870
password clan

hope to start something here
it wont be a clan more of a comunity run by admins to keep a check on things

its all about having fun and the best way to play games is via a good voice server
you can get ventrillo from

hope to talk to you all soon

plusnet gaming servers

i'd be vering interested in joining/helping with the community, although i doubt that i could contribute fundings Shockedops: .
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plusnet gaming servers

I've been running a gaming community for sometime now. (See below my signature.) We have around 75 active members and regularly have 50 people on the Teamspeak server I run that is provided by Josh.
Once you get off the ground I'll be more then willing to drop by with some hints and provide/ admin Teamspeak servers for whatever games need it.

plusnet gaming servers

A word of warning!
It requires a lot of time and resources which you are probably aware of.

To populate servers requires dedicated players willing to help others in setting up their, games, pc's and other gaming tools. The experienced players need the patience to teach the "Noobs" how to play as well as understanding gaming speak Tongue.

Also regular attendance on the servers will bring in public players and admining them to minimise the usual abuse that occurs.

Even when you get past that stage you have to deal with infighting, unreliability over-competivite individuals and thats usually the experienced members.

I'm sure Josh will provide the resouces you will need to get this going! But will you get the support from the players?
Well there are a lot of helpful people here in the forums but when it comes to gamers its a "whole different kettle of fish".

But on a positive note a well looked after public server tends to attract regular players who dont cheat and become a part of the community spirit.

I too would really like for the servers to be an enjoyable place to visit, so dont hesitate to contact me for any help you need (especially butt kicking).

aka Payne n Diaz