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+net = gaming joke


+net = gaming joke

Getting fed up now can't play most games now log in and can't even move just lags unless i play around 4am in the morning and then it seems to be fine shows about same amount of people in game so what the hell is going on. Has gamming now been boxed along with p2p?
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+net = gaming joke

not that i am aware of. i have maxdsl service on Premium 1 (since May) and all my games play fine, from CSS, EVE Online, COD 1 & 2, BF2 and BF2142, Halo, RTCW and Tribes Vengence.

Weekends are slow sometimes, but then there is a lot of folk online then. Xfore allows me to identify game server with low pings and q's, anywhere in the world.....always get a good game unless the 12 yr olds are on....too immature, for a decent game or my 30+ bum gets handed to me (old age and poor reflexes).
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+net = gaming joke

Consistently get below 25 ping on both our server based in London Wink

+net = gaming joke

Consistently get below 25 ping on both our server based in London

I get reasonable pings most of the time from a server browser, but in-game lag is getting a lot worse.
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+net = gaming joke

Most gamers know this but there is a difference between a PC struggling to keep up and the ISP network response (ping) time.

On line games need a fast responding stable network link. For example I play BF2, and BF2142. The ping times are always around 20ms is a good fast stable connection. The other posters 25ms is also good. As your ping increases above about 40ms you will start to notice jumpy game play. Once you get above about 150ms is becomes really bad.

If your ping time is low but the game play is choppy and jumpy you need to check how your computer is performing. In BF2142 or BF2 you can do this by checking your FPS(frames per second). in the console in game type :-

renderer.drawfps 1 (if you change the 1 to a 0 it removes stops it )

Close console and check the first number in the top left han corner of the screen. This is the number of screen updates a second. You need to average at least 40 to get smooth gameplay. If you average 60 or more then you get very smooth game play and have no problems at all. In BF2 my fps is always at least 60 so I get very smooth gameplay. In BF2142 it averages nearer 50 which is OK unless I am in a titan. Here it can drop as low as 15 which results in very,very choppy game play.

In my case the problem is my PC and I need to buy a new graphics card. I am looking at getting a Radeon X1950pro.

Hope that helps some people out and explains the difference. Let me know if the above is not too clear !!!!