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joining on xbl problem


joining on xbl problem

Why cant i join my friend on xbox live so annoying. Could be cause he is using plusnet as well but how does that work like.
Can anyone help or have any ideas.
All help is greatly appreciated.

joining on xbl problem

If you both have routers you will need to config some of the settings as many people have had this problem. I aint to sure what settings you change though

joining on xbl problem

ye we both have voyager 205 routers. but dont no what to do to get it to work.

joining on xbl problem

This is nicked from the xbox fourm....

The Voyager 205 has some known issues with Xbox Live, so some additional configuration is necessary- you are going to have to put the Xbox IP address in the Voyager 205's DMZ, in order for it to correctly work with Xbox Live.

Firstly, go to your Xbox Dashboard -> Settings -> Network Settings -> IP Addresses. Change it from Automatic to Manual. Then enter the following:

IP Address :
Subnet mask :
Default Gateway :

Now log onto the Voyager 205's configuration page at and follow the instructions on this page to add the Xbox IP address to the Voyager 205's "DMZ" :

Remember to apply and save the change.

Switch off your PC, Xbox and Voyager 205.

Wait 1 minute, then power-up the Voyager 205. Wait one more minute, to ensure it's rebooted and connected to the internet completely, before switching on your Xbox.

Then go to your Xbox Dashboard, click "Settings"->"Network Settings"->"Connect". Once the connection wizard has completed (hopefully succesfully), press "Y", then "A" - what are the NT, MT and IC figures? They should all be "1", indicating that your router is configured correctly.
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I used this to set up my brother-in-laws 205 for him.

you will need to do this on both setups.

I hope this will help you, Simon.

joining on xbl problem

The above should work but if not you will both have to setup port forwarding
Port 88 TCP
Port 3074 TCP
Port 3074 UDP