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help with sound mod for CS:Source


help with sound mod for CS:Source

hiya everyone
just a little question
my clan and me have a CS:Source server
running with a manimod
wat i'm after doing is putting a sound mod
eg, killingspree,godlike,unstoppable etc
like you see on some servers
i'm at a loss at wat to use to do it and how to do it

if anyone can help me please :lol:

many thanks

Rob Cool

help with sound mod for CS:Source

It depends which revision of MANI-ADMIN your are using. V1.1.0f is the latest one that I am using. I was previously using 1.0.10i which did not have the quake style sounds.

There are a couple of cfg files that have to be set intorder that the server.cfg lookg sor the quake sounds. You may have to installe them separately - I did. I am still having some difficulty getting these sounds to play properly but all of the other upgrades in 1.1.0f seem to be working

The server also has to be rebooted after the quake sounds are added in order to get them to work I believe.

Read through the documentation link at the above webby - Its all good stuff.

help with sound mod for CS:Source

many thanks m8

will take a look


Rob Cool