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cs 1.6 help!!!


cs 1.6 help!!!

I have a BT 2110 router.... been on, which is great and helped with WC3, but allas nothing worked regarding steam.
I can connect to games no problem... it seems to be when the 2nd pc connects.
When 2 pc's connect to cs (clan war) all is fine for 20 mins or so then all of a sudden BAD ping spikes and cl_flush entirty packet crap pops up and both pc's close cs?
Has this happend to anyone else?
I have changed the ports that cs connect to on steam (+clientport 27005 etc) and followed the portforward site but still the same....... i need help

thanks in advance

cs 1.6 help!!!


this worked for a m8 of mine on a wireless netgear router, but maybe worth a go for you.

Disable your wireless zero configuration in services.msc on both pcs.

heres a quick google result on "how-to" clicky-clicky

If your worried about disabling services, just google it, there are loads of sites offering info on each one and what they reccomend Cheesy