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complete online gaming newbie HELP!!!


complete online gaming newbie HELP!!!

Hi, Cheesy

this is all new to me, :roll:

I saw the free Enemy Territory download available here so got it...
so now what Huh

I hit refresh server list button in the online section of the game setup screens, but nothing happens? should I see a whole list of available serversHuh

I'm behind a hardware firewall and also ZA pro.....
what should i do to be able to get a server list in the game screenHuh

I see plusnets servers for ET of varying play are

( info taken from sticky at top of this forum i believe )

I'm not dropping my firewall completely, but I would like to dip my toes in the online gaming world of plusnet!

What should I do to be able to connect to these server addresses, and what ports should I open for them to see me also??

TCP and UDP? or just TCPHuh port forward needed if only playing online and not hostingHuh

and. which of the three listed IP's above are most tolerant of newbies?

(The only game i've played online before was the new CS at a games cafe)


I've had a read of the readme files that came with the game download, bu tthey dont give me these setup server instructions. I'm not going to HOST, I just want to play on the plusnet ET server.

I've an itchy trigger finger, and I cant scratch it. Cheesy

complete online gaming newbie HELP!!!

You need to forward the correct ports though your router / firewall. Whether it's UDP, TCP or both really depends on the game. You need to search around on the game site for router port forward settings or try at, since they list most games/applications and which ports you'll need to forward.



complete online gaming newbie HELP!!!

browse to and follow the links to download The All seeing Eye. This is a free external game server browser (better than gamespy) which runs on the desktop, you select the game you want, refresh the list of servers and then double click to join a server.

Zone alarm should ask you whether you want to allow All seeing eye internet access, which you should create a rule for and allow always.
It should also ask you whether to allow the game in question access to the internet, allow this always too (you may need to allow a few rules for various ports that the game uses).

You should now be ready to play, good luck.

Americas Army is the other FREE online game, which if you are new I suggest you check out because it is excellent.
It can be downloaded by following links on

complete online gaming newbie HELP!!!

Hi, Yeah. Cheers for that 'centy'...........

I just muddled through a time consuming download of AA 2.6 link-up..... just shy of a gig's worth of data...... downloading at an appalling 35kbps.......

transferred it ( via burning a DVD ) to my games pc.....
then found out during instal. it needs WINDOWS XP , 2000 or NT !!!!!!

YEAH..... cheers for that!!!! I'm using 98se.

Just before you chip in with 'shoulda checked the requirements mate'

I'll add that I did have a look, but did'nt see any mention of requirements.

What a waste of time....... ( and 900 odd MBs of downloading )

To top it off.... thought I'd play ET on 229 but it's down!!!!
212 redirects you to a website for some reason...... and 195 is empty as it's for ETPro

Oh well....

complete online gaming newbie HELP!!!

sorry :shock:

It is your fault you had a slow download.

It is your fault you had to put it on a dvd and then install it from that onto your gaming computer.

It is your fault that you are using Windows 98

Don't go there.