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bf 1942 problem

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Registered: 03-09-2007

bf 1942 problem

er when playing bf online there is a problem with my sound. for example when a shot is fired it echos and there isnt any music as ive just started playing it im not sure if thats a problem which a patch fixes or if its just a problem with my pc


bf 1942 problem

Retail patch 1.4 has not long been released.

There is is a 1.3 -> 1.4 version and a full update (this is 60mb) to patch from scratch upwards.

I know some of the sounds have been updated in this version.

I must note, all games suffer from some sound oddities. Position calcualtion means that soemtimes result in an error, which on some occasions means sounds are missed, and some, the sounds are placed in the wrong location.

MOH:AA suffers the same. Grenades can sometimes sound like a stone hitting a wall and echoing very loud.

bf 1942 problem

if u have a soundblaster card there is also a fix for this, it mentions this problem specifically