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battlefield 2142


battlefield 2142

Cheesy Hi all, has anyone went out and purchased bf2142 yet, i know it was just released yesterday but maybe someone has snapped it up already because as far as i am aware its a well sort after game. I was thinking about buying it today and just wanted to know if its any good and worth the buy, thx all Cheesy .
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battlefield 2142

hi, personally i dont rate it very highly, im only speaking of the demo tho. i prefer bf2, bf2142 seems to be just a modded version of bf2 and u need to get the biggest vehicle to survive. there doesnt seem to be much use for the soldiers on the ground and because of that a lot of the teamwork is lost.

but its ok if got a few quid to spare Smiley

battlefield 2142

Cheesy Cheers m8 much appreciated Cheesy
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battlefield 2142

wtf ? never heard of this

ye i might go buy this actually, not any big named titles out as of recent
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battlefield 2142

Don't buy it if you want to keep your system spyware free!

Inside the box you'll find a slip of paper that informs you "if you do want IGA spyware installed then don't install this game on an internet connected PC.

This interesting piece of spyware reports back your browsing preferences so that in-game ads can be targetted more directly at you!

I kid you not! Here's the offending disclaimer, I guess EA missed it out of the EULA and had to quickily cover their arses.

The thing is, once you've got it home and opened it to find this slip of paper you can't easily return it! Basically EA have you by the dangly parts!

battlefield 2142

Cheesy What a load of rubbish, what are they thinking of, ill avoid it like the plague, cheers m8 Cheesy .


it is a good game
takes a while to get into though

and soldiers are damn useful

battlefield 2142

Rubbish, don’t even bother. Its just a modded BF2 with fuzzzy graphics.

As for that spyware carp, don’t let it near your machine. Its monitors your web browsing and displays appropriate in game adverts :? :? :?

EA can get fucked tbh
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Adverts and the game

Hello all,

True there are going to be adverts in BF2142. But they are planning it for BF2.

The game is better than BF2. The demo and beta were not.

The game is much better. A lot fairer. You can take down anything as a lone wolf soilder. much better than BF2.

Buy it NOW!!!!!
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battlefield 2142


BF2142 is better than BF2 if you prefer ground warfare. BF2 was too heavily biased towards the pilots. In BF2142 one good hit from the missile laucher on the engineer class will take down any aircraft. So no more BF2 style flying round and round the spawn clocking up a huge score you need skill as a pilot now.

I enjoyed BF2 but enjoy the variety of BF2142. No longer are you a lone soldier getting bombed to bits and with the right tactics anything can take out pretty much anything else.

Give it a go with the demo and see how you get on. It takes a couple of hours to adjust to it from BF2.
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battlefield 2142

Same here, BF2 was too much biased to the folk in the vehicles or aircraft. BF2142 much better and i have my vetran award for being in BF2....pity you have such basic equip to start with, but i like the combined roles....much more to do, and good ground combat.

Battle walkers are still a lot of fun with a 2 man crew....Smiley