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are you coming out to play?


are you coming out to play?

anyone interested in a game of ut2003, one on one (hey, teams would be good).

maybe battlefield 1942.

you like racing, well, how about 1nsane or powerslide (i've not got into the new toca yet).

ok, why bother when you can just go elsewhere, gamespy for example.

well, i've always found it far more fun when it's more personal. knowing who you are competing against makes a lot of difference.

we are all 'free-online' brothers and i think it only right that we spend a little time in the forums getting to know each other then spend a few moments shooting each other to bits or ramming each other off the race track.

it takes a little effort but once it started it would be good - you know it would.

how about a 'free-online' CLAN - ok, i know i've gone too far now, sorry Shockedops: