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Your gaming with F9

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Your gaming with F9


My name is Adam and I work in the CSC, if you have called recently you may well have spoken to me!

This is my first of many posts so I will make it a good one, and I am hoping for lots of constructive feedback, so be nice.

From Xbox 360 to PC or PS3, we all like to put a little time aside to play the latest games around. Whether your thing is spending the afternoon saving mankind from impending doom or just plain blowing up your friends in a 4-way deathmatch, we want your outlook on what gaming means for you and what we as your ISP can do to make this easier and more fun!

We are wanting to promote top-notch gaming on F9, we have lots of ideas ourselves and really want your feedback! We want to make an excellent experience for you hardcore gamers (and the not so hardcore) out there and want to know what you think we should be doing.

I can promise you that all ideas will be taken into consideration

We want to ramp up the already active community here and give you guys something more to talk about.

A couple of ideas we have at the moment:

- We are looking into storing all the latest game patches for you, rather than downloading from the slow EA link or fileplanet we want to give this to you faster than them. Would you make use of this?

- LAN Tournament hosted at Internet House! - What games would you guys want to play?

- Possible gaming package designed specifially for... Gamers! - Would you be interested?

- Possible game server hosting for our gaming customers - Would this be a feature you would use?

We really want some volunteers and lots of constructive feedback to help us out with this, as we really want to make this better for you and there is only so much that we can come up with on our own.

So please post here ANYTHING that you feel would make your gaming life easier, more fun and more involved with F9.


Your gaming with F9

how offering a voice server for ventrilo?

Your gaming with F9

they all sound like very good ideas and i look forward to them being implemented!!!