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Xbox Live though NCS


Xbox Live though NCS


I've got ADSL with and want to get connected to Xbox Live using Internet Connection Sharing.

I have a USB Modem connected to my PC. Then a Network Card from my Pc to a HUB which then goes to my Xbox. I know my Setup is correct it is the settings I need to edit, please help.

Also I think I have a static IP addess at the moment. Please could you give me deatils on my PC settings I need to enter and the Xbox settings like IP and DNS.

Many Thanks
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Xbox Live though NCS that might help, not got a xbox so no idea what exactly it needs
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Xbox Live though NCS

I have plus net and I use ics. what u do is. Get a crossover erthernet cable the size what eva u want. then make sure u have a network port on the back of ur pc. then go to control panel go to network connections. right click on ur connection, go to properties, then advanced. there u will c a list of things to do click on allow other network users to connect through this computer. the others will go up to execpt the top one leave that one. after u have done this u r ready to log on 2 xbox live

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Xbox Live though NCS

or follow this from


Internet Connection Sharing

Internet Connection Sharing is required if your cable or DSL modem is USB-based, or is an internal PCI modem. Otherwise, you should choose a different connection type.

You can use Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) with most popular Windows® operating systems.

This type of connection uses Microsoft® Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing. This lets you share one Internet connection with multiple devices, but you must connect your Xbox console through your PC, and turn on your PC to play games on Xbox Live.

Turn off your devices (Xbox console, cable/DSL modem, and PC) before connecting any cables. For external modems, you should to disconnect your modem from its power source to turn it off.
Connect the USB out port of the cable/DSL modem to one of the available USB ports on the PC using the USB cable.
Connect the Ethernet out port on the PC NIC to the Ethernet port on the back of the Xbox console using the cross-over cable.
Turn on your cable/DSL modem, and your PC.
Configure Internet Connection Sharing in Windows to share your Internet connection with your Xbox console.
Once ICS is configured, verify that your PC can access the Internet. If not, contact us.
Turn on your Xbox console, with no disK in the disc tray.
From the Xbox Dashboard, choose Xbox Live.
If the Xbox Live screen is displayed ("Account Management, New Account, Network Setup")congratulations! You are connected to Xbox Live. Next, sign up for Xbox Live.

If your Xbox console cannot automatically connect to Xbox Live, you will receive the following message: "Could not connect to Xbox Live. Do you want to troubleshoot your network connection?" See Troubleshooting your Internet Connection Sharing for more detailed information about the problem and steps you can take to fix it.

Note With Internet Connection Sharing, you must turn on your PC to access Xbox Live from your Xbox console.

Xbox Live though NCS

I've got an internal pci modem,

then i connected my xbox to my ethernet card using a crossover cable, it then autodetected everything.....

Xbox Live though NCS

Ok i just thought u had what i got sorry