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X Box connectivity


X Box connectivity

I've been thinking of connecting to Xbox live via a wireless router. What is the minimum speed i would need to run Xbox live comfortably??

Many thanks
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X Box connectivity

I'd like to know that myself.

I've just had a couple of hours on Call Of Duty 3 but it was extremely laggy at times with characters momentarily vanishing or freezing etc and voice chat frequently breaking up.

My speeds have been low though as you can see below and this certainly wasn't good enough for decent play.

20:35 117 kbps down/379 kbps up

21:58 116 kbps down/379 kbps up

22:52 248 kbps down/207 kbps up

X Box connectivity

If you want to keep your gaming good, and you have the option to use a wired conection, then an ethernet cable is much better than any wireless option.

Don't just use wireless because it sounds good.