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World Of Warcraft


World Of Warcraft

Anybody else taking part in the Final Beta of the European version of this?

I havent come across a game this good in a long time, I thought Neverwinter Nights was going to be the best rpg, but to be honest WOW really shows what a difference 18months makes in the evolution of computer games. The graphics and gameplay are unbelievable.

Damn game is taking over my life :lol:

Anyway time for my dwarven paladin to get back to thwarting evil :mrgreen:


World Of Warcraft

Anybody here playing this now its gone retail?

Blizzard managed not to learn from the US launch and the EU signup server fell over about 9am on launch day and was down for hours Shockedops: lot of unhappy campers!

Luckily I got my copy the day before and was sad enough to be online at 2am on the 11th when the signup went live and activated my account with no problems.

Other than a huge lag spike when the signup servers came back on the 12th Ive had no real problems so far, unless you count my loss of a social life as a problem :lol:

Anyway time to get back to killing them damn trolls :lol:



I got this 2 days ago, so any tip/tricks/hints would be greatlyu appreciated!

I'm a Star Wars Galaxies adict tho so, expect a lot from WoW...


Thunderhorn - Ocko (unguilded)