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WolfStuff needs help

Posts: 104
Registered: 01-08-2007

WolfStuff needs help or needs help from RtCW, ET and ETF players.

I run that website and it has become too much for one man.
The main areas that I would prefer help in is new news on these games/mods and new files to upload to the plusnet/wolfstuff ET /ETF servers.

checkout the website .. google for wolfstuff , it is semi-professional and has a google rating of 4 (good) .

obviously this is a live website that has a great many visitors, more than 250,000 in the last few months according to plusnets webstats.

if you want to be part of a growing gaming community please register as a user of the website and drop RedDwarF an email, mention the areas that you can help in.

plusnet users only please .. (easier on security)