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Wireless networking with PS2


Wireless networking with PS2

I am considering eventually setting up a wireless network for my Playstation, as I am a bit fed up with running wires all over the house.

Currently I have a USB ADSL modem and use ICS to connect my PS2 to my PC with a cross over cable.

I was planning to get the Netgear 824 router, (the non wireless version) anyway, as I am not too impressed with my USB modem, but should I fork out the extra cash and get the wireless version? In the future would I be able to connect a wireless access point to the router, and another to my PS2? I don't want to fork out too much money for the router and access points just yet, (I don't have too many games yet), but I don't want to go out and buy a wireless router in future, if I can't use the wired one!

Anyone got any suggestionsHuh Also if I was to get the wireless access points has anyone got any suggestions to what I should get?

Wireless networking with PS2

Correction: I meant a netgear DG834 router!
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Wireless networking with PS2

Well, it's all down to maths and how much you will eventually have to spend:

DG834 £66 (ADSL 4 port modem/routers)
DG834G 802.11g £96 (ADSL 4 ports wireless/modem/routers)
WAP 802.11g £70 (You need an Ethernet Wireless access point, not a PCI or USB) (Ethernet Wireless Access Points)

So buying a DG834G now = £96 + a WAP later = £70 total = £166
DG834 now = £66 + 2x WAP later = £140 total = £206

The above excludes any delivery costs etc. You may be able to get them cheaper if you shop around.

Also having a combined router+Wireless (DG834G) will be simpler to setup and cheaper in the long run.

I would recommend you go for the wireless router now.

Wireless networking with PS2

You don't need a second WAP, just a wireless bridge.

The Netgear ME101 is about £50-55...

Wireless networking with PS2

I think I will get the wireless router, then later get the netgear ME101 for the PS2.

If it is easier to set up and cheaper in the long makes more sense.