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Unhappy with service playing FPS's


Unhappy with service playing FPS's


I must say I have migrated to PlusNet as I assumed and heard that it was a good ISP now this may be the case I do not know as I am a new customer....
However what I do know is that I migrated from AOL about 3 days ago and the main reason I or the only reason I did was because I was getting absurd ping (latency?) while playing Counter Strike.

With AOL I was subject to pings of around 50-60 on a 512 connection and to put it in terms a few people I know on pipex 512 were getting pings of 15-25(max) which hence prompted me to look for another ISP.

Since I have had PlusNet (and I have since upgraded to a 1meg line which was done in under 12 hours from 512 which was really good) I have not noticed any changeable difference from 512 with AOL in terms of browsing or downloading I have noticed a SLIGHT difference in the pings I am getting while playing Counter Strike I am still getting pings of around the 40-45 mark so to summarise I am paying more here than what I did at AOL I also have doubled my online speed yet I have not noticed to much difference in downloading and browsing (which isn’t my main concern) but the fact I am still getting pings that are far to high when people like pipex customer are getting 15-20...
Now I have been playing counter strike for about 3 years so I know how to set my rates and the best rates to use for the connection I have..

Also tracert and ping to sites such as, and I get 6 hops which is fine, but I am getting pings backs of like 49/59 etc which is poor as it should be under 30 and that’s for a 512 do not know if this changes and should be lower the higher connection speed you have..

So I would like some help and answers with this and a timely response would be appreciated.


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Unhappy with service playing FPS's

Post the results of some runs with WinMTR to some of your game servers so we can see what the averages are are where the biggest ping delays are. Do it for at least 5 mins or better 10.

Your ADSL speeds will not really make any difference to your ping times due to the size of the ping packets being so small.
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Unhappy with service playing FPS's

This post is an exact copy of one in the feedback forum here so I am locking this one