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UT all jerky


UT all jerky

Hi all,

Been having a strange problem since moving to plusnet, all games, ut2k3, cs, eve work fine with the exception of my fav one UT. It is seriously jerky every half second or so it slows right up then goes fast then slows up. Tried it in single player and it works fine, reinstalled it yet its still unplayable, tried with different netspeeds too with no effect.

Anyone got any ideas why one game only would stop working?
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UT all jerky

If UT2k3 is fine UT99 should be as well, so would think it might be your routing to the UT99 servers.

But as for the netspeeds for DSL its best using from 5000 - 12000, anymore and it doesn't help
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UT all jerky


I've got the same problem with Quake 3 when I play an internet game with Plusnet ADSL. Every second or two, the game kind of stalls for a moment and then continues fine until the next stall, etc. I've set Quake 3 for 'DSL' in the network configuration but made no difference.

The annoying thing is that this didn't happen when I was using a 56K dialup connection and it is still fine if I just play single player mode.

Any ideas?


UT all jerky

you havent changed your graphic card recently have you? Ut seems to jerk when upgrading to a Direct X 9 card - I now have to run in open gl mode to get a smooth play. Try running in open gl with this driver ..

UT all jerky

Hi, tried the opengl thing but no luck as it becomes completly unplayable then, using gf ti4400.

Although UT had been acting bit strange with graphics for a while such as hanging when changing graphic options, it plays perfectly single player, I have recently gone w2k->xp and reinstalled game/drivers etc and it is still not working properly on any server, yet every other game is working great. The only thing that changed was moving to plusnet, would there be something up with the usb modem and ut?